Calling Budding Film Makers

The Spirit of Farnham - Stay a Little Longer

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£500 first prize

£200 second prize

£100 runners up

All you have to do ...

ONE: Produce a video that promotes the Spirit of Farnham to tourists.  

Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes MAXIMUM.

The theme is 'Stay a Little Longer'.

TWO: Submit your film to by emailing a link to your entry video which you can post on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Closing date for entries, Friday 15 May 2020. 

THREE: If you are chosen to be a finalist, get your friends to vote for it. 

Simple enough?

Any questions? Email
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Terms and conditions

1. The Visit Farnham Competition is authorised by the Farnham Visitors' Forum, who are responsible for all aspects of the competition. 

2. The competition is open to film-makers of all ages. However, entrants under the age of 16 will need written permission from a parent/guardian to enter. 

3. All video content needs to be the property of the entrant. You must have taken any media yourself, or have written permission from the person who took it. Breaking copyright law can result in being taken to court. 

4. Please respect your own and other people's privacy. Don't include contact or identification details in your video, such as phone numbers, postal or email addresses, weblinks or social media contacts. Please don't reveal any personal information about yourself or others as it might inadvertently put you or someone else at risk.

5. Please don't include anything that can directly identify you. So no house names or numbers, no street names, no private building names and no descriptions of the location of your house. 

6. Any film must be of places or people in public areas. We won't be able to accept any media that include identifiable people in private settings unless you have their specific permission. (Release forms can be supplied if required). 

7. The Farnham Visitors' Forum is committed to keeping your personal information safe and private. We will never divulge any personal information without your explicit permission. 

8. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate media is absolutely not acceptable and will be removed. Illegal media will be reported to the appropriate authority. 

9. By submitting a video to the competition, you give permission for us to use your video free of charge for a period of five years without limits across the Farnham Visitors' Forum's advertising media in any way we choose. Video may be shared without charge with Forum members for their use in their own advertising of the town. The video will be credited with your name if requested. 

10. Videos should initially be submitted by you posting on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and submitting a link to us. There is no need in the first instance to submit video files directly to us. Finalists should be prepared to provide original video files in any standard (Youtube acceptable) format for us to upload to our own media. The original files should be submitted to us by WeTransfer. 

Three videos will be chosen to be finalists by a panel of experts. These will be uploaded to our Facebook page, and the entry that gets the most Facebook likes will be declared the winner. 

11. The judges reserve the right to withhold any or all of the prizes in submissions are not up to an agreed standard,