Two-day Itinerary

Day Two - Farnham's Countryside

George and Ann Stewart from Totnes enjoy travelling around Britain but had never been to Farnham before. This is their actual agenda, with some comments from them about the things they did and the places they visited. Please note, this is one couple's view and is not intended to represent the views of the Visitor's Forum or any specific venues mentioned (or omitted). As is frequently said on the BBC, "Other venues exist!"

Sculpture Park.jpg

"I found a very handy website for the Farnham Walking Festival. On it was a short, self-guided walk around both ponds at Frensham. After the sculpture park, we had a lovely stroll around both of these ponds, stopping twice at cafes and again to admire the sailing boats. It was a very pretty walk and Ann even said she had fun."

"I did have a nice walk. As the description on the website said, it was not too hilly and George went at a comfortable pace. One of the highlights of the trip followed, which we both loved. George made sure the Rural Life Centre was open (it was on a Wednesday) and we ended our visit to Farnham there. I loved some of the historic buildings, although I think George was becoming infatuated with the steam engine and the train." 

rural life.jpg

"What were my impressions of  Farnham in the end? Well, when we arrived, it was an area of the country we did not know, but we will definitely be back. In fact, we are already planning a trip for next year. We are intending to come next May when the Walking Festival is on and maybe spend a week here to explore everything fully."

"George is planning to come back and stay in Farnham again next May for the Walking Festival. I will certainly join him, but maybe not walk as much. However, there is plenty else to do. I want to spend more time in the galleries and linger in the shops. I heard about several antique shops that are calling out for me to see. I love Farnham and can't wait to spread the stories of our visit around my friends. Now I understand their tag line - 'Stay a Little Longer'."


"This was my day. Ann had Tuesday and I chose the activities for today. But I'm sure Ann always enjoys coming into the fresh air. We were lucky that we had good weather, so we set out straight after breakfast. Our first stop was the Sculpture Park at Churt. In truth, I could have spent all day here, but Ann was getting antsy after a few statues. She said there was nothing to buy and insisted we move on. Sometimes, I don't understand her!"

"I let George choose the programme for Wednesday. He took me to the sculpture park which I really loved. However, he seemed keen to move on and explore the next place on the list - the Frensham Ponds. Once George has an agenda in mind, he has to get through it at all costs. So on we went. But the sculpture park is definitely on a 'return to and linger longer' list. 


"I loved everything about the Rural Life Centre. I enjoyed looking around the old workshops, seeing the engines and exploring everything there. I could have wandered around the tractors all day. At 5 they were almost chasing us out. My one regret was I did not plan to stay longer there. Three main activities in the area in one day were too many. But at least we had a flavour of what Farnham has to offer."

"We finished the day in the "Lost Boy" pub. I never realised that James Barrie had a connection with Farnham, and it was a surprise to George too. He said that was another author he needed to research. I forbade him from having a second pizza - the same menu two nights running is never a good idea - so instead he went for the Lamb Leg Steak. I had a very tasty Sea Bass. The portions were so generous, I was torn between finishing and getting too full or leaving some of the delicious fare. I'm afraid an empty plate went back to the kitchen!"

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