Heritage Open Days

Discover Hidden Farnham. Heritage Open Days form Farnham’s contribution to the national scheme in which buildings of interest are opened to the public. As a part of the Farnham Society, these days form an important part of Farnham's events.

In 2019, Farnham’s Heritage Open Days ran over two consecutive weekends in September.

The theme was People Power. They commemorated some of the famous sons, daughters and residents of Fanham who have made an impact locally or nationally. And they celebrated what has been achieved by the people of Farnham at grass roots level. For example, this is the 50th anniversary of Farnham Matlings, saved from demoliltion by local action, now a successful arts, culture and community centre.

Watch the website for details of the 2020 event when known.

All details on the website at http://farnhamsociety.org.uk/