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Our Farnham campus has a long history, going back more than 45 years as a respected art and design institution. We offer a variety of courses on this campus, ranging from glasswork and ceramics to film and animation.

For the visitor to Farnham, we would highlight the James Hockney & Foyer Galleries. Our campus galleries host unique and varied exhibition programmes that enrich and engage the wider community as well as the network of creative individuals across the University. Our Farnham campus is home to the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries which host a range of exhibitions by visiting artists as well as our own staff, students and graduates.

Each of our galleries is free to enter and we welcome visitors from the local and wider community, as well as students and staff. We aim to showcase talent and inspire people to engage with the arts in an open and creative environment.

With over 2,000 students, Farnham is the biggest of our campuses and has an incredibly strong community feel. The campus is home to the James Hockey and Foyer Galleries, which host a range of exhibitions by visiting artists as well as our staff, students and graduates. Several research centres are also based on campus, including the Centre for Sustainable Design and the Crafts Study Centre, which is a purpose-built museum and gallery dedicated to crafts.

There are many exciting and star-struck stories that have come out of our Farnham campus. Students before and after graduating have completed work experience with big names like Harry Potter, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride, Simon’s Cat and others. Students and graduates have achieved great success far and wide, from winning Oscars and BAFTAs to meeting Stephen Hawking.

The campus has an extensive range of up-to-date resources for students to use, including glassblowing furnaces, radio and TV studios, a cinema, dark rooms and metal and wood workshops. Any student can have an induction in any one of these, and include the practices in their work – making it an inspirational, creative place to study.

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